An Awfully Big Adventure

You can call me Queen Vee

Bad decisions make great stories. Photobucket I am a firm believer in that.

I like hockey, movies, good clothes, fast cars, champagne, and you... what else you need to know?

I love adventure. I have an affinity for Alice in Wonderland, champagne, bracelets, and superheros. Seahorses are miraculous. Scott Pilgrim is legit; Steve Jobs is god; and Gwen Stefani is a fashion icon. I'm a film major--my favourite film is The Shawshank Redemption. I honestly believe nothing is better than vibing out to great music on big headphones or blasting music on a night drive alone.
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Miniature dogs by SuAmi

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My fucking heart

cannnn i just say how excited for when this is my time of my life?! 

I love dogs

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Nothing wrong with being cute with someone: Holding your hand, kissing your cheek, taking you out for a meal & drinks, bending you over and ripping your tights…

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Mermaids from Peter Pan

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Here’s massage tiemz for you.

Here’s massage tiemz for you.

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While I am not a major fan of the show I need this game!

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